Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yeah so the date stamp on the pics is kinda annoying and I have now taken them off of my camera... I didn't realize it was going to take up so much and get in the way of such a great pic! My bad!

So the top picture is yesterday when Anna and Dylan (well just Anna) wanted to play together. Annalise wanted to attack Dylan and I got some funny pics! Annalise is my ham and every time I get the camera out she tries to eat it so the second shot obviously shows her in mid attack! :) Dylan is the little walker in the house, it's so funny she just goes and goes until she falls and then gets back up and walks some more. The last pic was taken while Jared was away at school and Daddy and Anna were having some bonding time. It was cute...

Now you may be asking, "Where is Jared?" Well he doesn't really let me take any pics, so what I took a pic of his latest artwork and then of him. I'm gonna do a separate blog for him so he feels special (cause he is). In that pic you'll see what I mean about him not wanting his picture taken! Ok so before I do the blog about Jared I have to go make him some breakfast and Ms. Anna is sitting on my lap eating daddy's watch and is just about done being patient with me. So I must go............................