Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where do I start?

I'll start off by saying that June has been the worst month we've had in an extremely long time. We have been sick since the beginning of June and it's been HORRIBLE! We are still sick. Lets see... Tuesday Annalise woke up and her cough was getting worse and she had a goopy eye and I had these red bumps all over my body. We don't have a ton of money right now with ALL the appointments we've been to so I decided if anyone was going to the doctors it would be Anna. I tried calling and getting her in that day, but we couldn't get her in until Wednesday. They did tell me that I could just take her into the urgent care, but they did want her to be seen.

Mike got home from work and we talked and he decided since my bumps weren't looking better and Anna wasn't getting better we would just both go in. Well here it is. Anna has an ear infection in both ears and pink eye. I have strep throat again and the bumps are a reaction to the strep! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! I can't even begin to tell you how much money we've spent just going to our appointments this month, that's not even for the bills we will be getting here shortly on top of it. I am so overwhelmed and frustrated and just down right tired. I had no idea about Anna's ears, and maybe that will explain why she has been sleeping like crap. Poor baby, I feel horrible.

Onto other news. Mike is on his way down to Dupont today to test for Statefarm and hopefully just get an interview right after. It's the first place out of all the places he's applied for that have called him back. He just wants to get our of the current place he's in and he says he doesn't care where it is. His sister works there, it's a big place and it'll be a change for him. I just want him to be happy, so whatever that takes I'm all for it. He did say something in the car ride home after running some errands... he said that he just wants to work some place that isn't so negative. Not the people he works with but the fact that he has to find the bad in every person that shops at that store, his job is catching "bad people"... people who steal etc. I guess that could take a toll on someone after doing it for 9 years. Well whatever he does I support him and love him.

So we have 4 more days left in this HORRIBLE month and we are into July. A couple weeks short of Jared's 6th birthday and I have nothing planned and don't know when it'll be. We've been to sick and too tired to even process it and I feel horrible. What's a mom to do? I feel bad for Jared having a birthday smack in the middle of summer and close to a holiday. I really hope that people will be able to attend on short notice, cause I'm a short notice gal!

Ok I'm out people, enjoy your day!