Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am so sick and tired of this!

We are freaking sick again here... it's bad! I had such a migraine yesterday that I honestly went to bed at 6pm and was out. Mike took such good care of me though. I honestly feel like I would rather be dead than have to deal with migraines. I am thinking about going to the doctors and getting some help cause I cannot live like this.

As far as our sickness goes we all have really bad colds. Anna isn't able to sleep at night because she cannot breath and suck on her binkie at the same time, so she freaks out! Its so hard because I try to suck the snot out and put drops in her nose and she just freaks out more. So I put baby vicks on her and just wait her out until she clears it and then we go back to sleep. We (Jared, Annalise and I) are coughing and sneezing. What is going on?

Lets see, what else? Annalise is crawling and trying to pull herself up onto things. She has accomplished this in her crib and by pulling herself up on mommy and daddy. It saddens me so much how fast she is growing up. She would rather walk then crawl, she will stand on all fours but is a little to chunky to get all the way up. Plus she has Dylan to watch walk all over so she is trying to be like her. Also in Anna news she says MOMMA all day long and it is sooooo cute!

Ok well that's it for now!