Monday, June 30, 2008

I love my purse (I mean husband)!!!

Check that baby out. Here is one of my guilty pleasures... and a great surprise from my hubby! I got a Douney Bourke purse last year for my birthday (which I LOVE), and on Saturday my lovely husband got me a Coach purse. I don't know why I love these purses so much, but I do. So in my dorkiness I had to share a picture of my gift. You might ask, "What did Mike want in return?" Cause I asked the same thing (hahaha), but he swears he did it because he loves me. And well, I believe him.

On another note... I know that I have been wanting the sun and complaining because of the weather, but this? It is unbearable, and on top of that Anna and I can't really go out and do anything because of her meds and my bumps.

So the babies are sleeping for their morning naps. Jared and Mike are STILL sleeping (they are soooo lazy). Me, well I'm soooo tired but what's a mom to do? In other news, Jared will be 6 in 14 days and I still have planned NOTHING for his birthday! BAD BAD BAD MOM!

Alright, I'm out!


Anonymous said...

Nice purse!!!