Monday, June 9, 2008

So what's been up!?

Well AGAIN we've been sick, and I mean SICK!!! It started Friday night I got a horrible sore throat. Mike and I woke up Saturday morning and it was bad. We took turns sleeping while the other played with Anna. I had to muster up all the strength I could to take Jared to his last swimming lessons. It was a bad bad bad day. Sunday just as bad, so Mike and I went to the doctors only to find out that we have strep. Our throats were very swollen, Mikes was worse then mine so they put him on steroids! :) We both were put on antibiotics and well the rest is history. Oh and the moral of this story is NO MORE KISSING, hahaha!

My sister took Jared for the day (Sunday), so we just had to deal with Anna. We tried to rest as much as we could. Monday we are starting to feel better. By the late afternoon we decided to clean our whole house to disinfect it from the crap. My energy level is a little better, but I am still so tired. My throat doesn't hurt as bad which is SOOOOOOOOOOO great. I can't even express to you how horrible it has been. It's hard being a mom, I love being a mom but its hard. I still have to take care of the kids even when I'm sicker than a dog. The hubby milked it and got to take more naps then I and was just a baby to! I was taking care of him, driving to Tom Thumb to get us medicine etc... so guess what the hubby did for me this morning!?

At around 6:30am I was woken by him standing next to me with a plate shoved in my face. HE MADE ME BREAKFAST, IN BED! Honestly I think that may be the first time ever he has done that and I was so happy. Luckily to Anna slept through it and I was able to go back to sleep afterwards!

Tomorrow is my sons Kindergarten Graduation... wow can you believe it, he is going to be a first grader? I cannot believe it, it's amazing. His last day of school is Thursday, I am so excited.

Ok so I'm gonna go play with the kids on the floor and spend some time with the hubby. I promise to keep you all more up to date this week, I promise I'm gonna try and not keep getting sick, WHAT IS GOING ON?