Thursday, June 24, 2010

A smile from inside-

Yesterday I took an inventory of my emotions. I've struggled with them as some of you know. I have felt lost, I've felt lonely and I've felt a ton more emotions!

I decided about a month ago that I was done feeling sorry for myself (sorta) and I was gonna turn my frustrations and love towards the two people who deserved it the most. My kids (and me, I deserve my love)... Well yesterday and I'm not sure when this was, but for a moment I truly felt happy.

I've been frustrated with Mike and some things that go along with that. But for the most part I felt a sense of happiness, my insides actually smiled. I didn't really know that could happen! :)

I am by no means cured of the struggles I'm going through. But I have done a lot of soul searching and decision making and for once a peace was about me that I enjoyed. So I'm hoping that was a stepping stone to better things. I'm also excited for summer because I am making an active effort to get out and do more things with my kids. We have already two weekends in a row so I'm proud of myself. If anyone has any good summer ideas please let me know!