Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Depression revelation...

So as I've mentioned before... I have struggled with depression (have I mentioned that?) Well just recently my prescription ran out and my doctor would not refill it until I came to see him and have a check up. For one reason or another I do not have millions of dollars (ok $50) to go get a check up. So I just stopped taking my pills. That's not a good idea since I've been on those pills close to a year and they have to lower your doses instead of dropping cold turkey! (I sound like I have a drug problem).

Well withdrawals haven't been bad and I've been off of them two weeks or more. And to be completely honest here since I'm putting it all out there... I'M HAPPY! I have had moments of just feeling good and feeling happy and not having my bouts of depression and crying. Maybe it was the damn pills. Now I don't necessarily believe that because I have struggled with depression for a long time. But maybe just maybe I'm finally at a good place with myself. Of course I'm gonna have issues and I'm gonna have times where it rears it's ugly head. But I think I've faced enough in my life to know how to handle and address it as best as I can.

I'm happy (can you believe it) about this revelation... I'm glad I'm able to move on from this chapter. It may come to a point in my life where I'll need to take them again, but at least I know that it's not something I need all the time to keep my 'happy', I am happy! or more so I'm content with myself and that has been a hard one for me to wrestle with.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prayers, love, life...

So I have read yet another blog about a child who is very very very ill. Go to this PAGE and read all about it. Reading things like this make me feel horrible, especially after a two day spout with my 3 year old. But after reading what this family is going through it takes me back and puts me in check. How can I get so frustrated with my child and get angry and need a time out from my kids when someone else is barely going to have anytime with their children.

Taking things into perspective and loving on my children a little more than usual. You never know when something like this can happen to those you love so dearly!

Take a time out to love on the ones you love, I know I will!