Saturday, August 23, 2008

Will be away...

From the internet for a bit... We are set to move tomorrow and will be spending the week getting settled and unpacking... and getting Jared ready for school.

As soon as we have internet up again you can bet I'll be back, I miss you guys!

Talk with you soon...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good times, good friends!

So Sunday we hung out with some our friends as sorta a "going away" party... anyway it was just great to hang out with our friends. Annalise got to play with Zac and Karrie's daughter Zaida and she LOVED her. She kept kissing her as you can see if one of the pics. Fun times, good friends!
I am feeling a little better about where we are at with packing and the such. I think last week I was OVERLY stressed because our landlord was coming over to look at things, and well it threw me over the edge. I'm not saying I'm still not stressed out, I mean we are moving in 5 days- AHHHHH! But all's good in the hood.
Alright I gotta go put Dylan to bed and feed Anna, so I'll try and post later!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

8 days and counting...

And I have never been more stressed. My head is still spinning and I don't know what I've gotten myself into. I feel angry and frustrated and all I want to do is scream. Everything has put me on edge. Is there an end in sight?

So this is the last week for me here, a lot of things are packed and ready to go. I honestly just feel in limbo and I HATE that feeling. All loose ends need to be finished up this week and then come Sunday the 24th out of here. Now don't get your feelings hurt, I'm not EXCITED to leave anyone I'm just anxious to get done with all this crap and get on with the other things that need to be finished when I get down there.

Uhhh Jared will be starting 1st grade shortly after arriving, are you serious? This is what the next couple of months look like for us:

  • Moving to Lacey
  • Unpack and get settled
  • Cable gets installed
  • Jared starts 1st grade
  • Start watching Ryker
  • My 28th birthday
  • Annalise turns 1
  • Mike will be 31

And the countless other things that always find their ways into OUR CRAZY LIFE!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

50 years!

So I wanted to wish my mother a Happy 50th birthday (her birthday was yesterday)!

All I am gonna say is my mom and I haven't had the best relationship at times. But we've muddled through all the crap and we have a GREAT relationship now. We've spent a lot of time together and it's been great. She has a great ear for listening and I truly love her very much!

To be honest I thought that she was gonna be 49 not 50. But either way I hope she knows that she is very much loved and I am glad we got to spend the day together.

Love you mom!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

She took 4 steps!

Oh my goodness golly geeeee... Yesterday we went over to our friends house for dinner. I was playing with Annalise on the floor. Well she was standing at the coffee table and reached for me. I put my hands out but put them out far enough so she couldn't just grab them. WELL... she took 1 whole step to me. I screamed and was so happy I danced around the room. No one else saw it so they wanted me to do it again.

Sadie grabbed Anna and we set it up. She did 3 WHOLE steps and she did sooooooooooo good. Everyone but Doug got to see it, and she really really walked. It was so freaking cute. We kept trying and trying but she decided she was to tired and was just to upset to do anything, but I was satisfied with the 4 steps she took on August 10th, 2008!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Where I am or where am I?

So obviously things are a little hectic/crazy right now. We have a lot going on and I may or may not be blogging a whole lot over the next couple of weeks. 1st up is going down on the 15th to get our keys to the house and maybe stash some stuff in the car to bring... The 22nd will be my last day of watching Dylan. Dylan's birthday party is on Saturday the 23rd. We will then be moving Sunday the 24th. Mike has Sunday and Monday off. He then will be staying up north for about 2 weeks wrapping up work here in Lynnwood, while I am down south getting things ready for the family. I have to register Jared for school, unpack the house... and the list continues.

Have I mentioned that I NEED A VACATION!?!

On a side note- Anna is 10 months. Only 2 more months and my baby will be 1. I am sooooooooo sad, but no more babies for me (see previous post). I will have to live my baby syndrome through Tiana and my soon to be niece or nephew once she has the beautiful baby (I can't wait).

Ok so I must go, Dylan will be here soon. Must tend to my daughter and Ryker. I will try to keep you all posted, until then enjoy August!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spinning, spinning, my head is spinning!

OH MY GOSH! What was I thinking? 4 kids during the week only 2 of them are mine! And mine are the ones driving me up the FREAKING wall!!!

So I have recently said that I would like to have another child and guess what, NOT ANYMORE! I'm done, 2 is enough. This was a good test this week to see if I'd actually really want anymore than the 2 I have, and guess what... I don't.

It hasn't been that bad, but I am sooooooooo tired. Alright this was gonna be longer, but really I am to tired and to hot. Peace out...........

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're leaving on a "jet plane"...


So yesterday was pretty stressful for me. I had the fate of our housing in my hands and at times it seemed to much. I remember at one point I could hardly breath because I felt as if I had said the wrong thing (what my husband told me to say mind you)... and I was scared the place would fall through. So I laid my head in my hands tried to regroup and I prayed like there was no tomorrow.

God and I haven't had the closest of relationships lately. I honestly am not sure why but I know it's for all selfish reason's on my part as well. God is unselfish as we all know. But when I need him, I need him. But I feel horrible I only seem to talk to him lately when I am absolutely at my end. Yesterday I truly needed him and as it would prevail he helped me out again.

WE GOT THE HOUSE! The house is not perfect, it is small... but it is a house and that's all I could ever ask for. That's all I ever did ask for. After all the searching (thanks to Mandy, Tiana and my mother in law) we landed on a place to protect us from the storms. A house is what you make of it right? And as long as you have your family with you that is all you'll ever need!

So we get the keys on the 15th and will move our stuff in the weekend of the 22nd I believe. Ok so I've got lots to do today and must get started on them now. Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I want to be creative!

I want to be creative like all these other women who's blogs I read. I want to do something that is just so "cool"... but what? I don't think I'm creative at all. I have all these things that swim through my little head but I never follow through.

It is my goal to TRY something, whatever it is I am going to try.

So this was pretty random today. Well I have 4 children I am dealing with today and I wanted to take a moment to let you all know what was on my mind before it all went to mush. On a completely separate note... please say a prayer that we get the house we were looking at. We've completely almost run out of options, thanks!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The long awaited post!

So I think all appropriate people have been informed of the situation and with out any further waiting...

Well wait 1st, I AM NOT PREGNANT. Why would you all think that? I thought I made it clear that Mike does not want anymore, minus the whole fact I want another.


So it's been a long process of elimination for Mike and I. It's been YEARS of talking about it and finally one day Mike decided it was time for us to move down to be closer to his family. Honestly it's not that far from here (a lot of people make it seem like we are moving across the whole world), however it's not. It's been a hard decision for us and a lot of factors (which I will not go into) played into our decision. It was never an easy decision, but a decision we had to make for our family, the four of us.

We've been down to Olympia now coming up on 3 times in 1 week spending time with family and looking for a place to live. Who knew it was going to be so hard? I honestly want to pull my hair out, but God willing we will be ok... We will be ok won't we? I am heading down that way tomorrow morning AGAIN, with the kids in tow to look at yet another place. I am also going down to pick up my nephew Ryker cause he is spending a week with me while his parents are away in Reno... how fun for everyone!

Alright I must go get Anna and Jared ready for bed. I am sorry for the news as it's not the best, but we will always have my blog. In all seriousness I love you all and it was not an easy decision!