Friday, August 8, 2008

Where I am or where am I?

So obviously things are a little hectic/crazy right now. We have a lot going on and I may or may not be blogging a whole lot over the next couple of weeks. 1st up is going down on the 15th to get our keys to the house and maybe stash some stuff in the car to bring... The 22nd will be my last day of watching Dylan. Dylan's birthday party is on Saturday the 23rd. We will then be moving Sunday the 24th. Mike has Sunday and Monday off. He then will be staying up north for about 2 weeks wrapping up work here in Lynnwood, while I am down south getting things ready for the family. I have to register Jared for school, unpack the house... and the list continues.

Have I mentioned that I NEED A VACATION!?!

On a side note- Anna is 10 months. Only 2 more months and my baby will be 1. I am sooooooooo sad, but no more babies for me (see previous post). I will have to live my baby syndrome through Tiana and my soon to be niece or nephew once she has the beautiful baby (I can't wait).

Ok so I must go, Dylan will be here soon. Must tend to my daughter and Ryker. I will try to keep you all posted, until then enjoy August!