Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're leaving on a "jet plane"...


So yesterday was pretty stressful for me. I had the fate of our housing in my hands and at times it seemed to much. I remember at one point I could hardly breath because I felt as if I had said the wrong thing (what my husband told me to say mind you)... and I was scared the place would fall through. So I laid my head in my hands tried to regroup and I prayed like there was no tomorrow.

God and I haven't had the closest of relationships lately. I honestly am not sure why but I know it's for all selfish reason's on my part as well. God is unselfish as we all know. But when I need him, I need him. But I feel horrible I only seem to talk to him lately when I am absolutely at my end. Yesterday I truly needed him and as it would prevail he helped me out again.

WE GOT THE HOUSE! The house is not perfect, it is small... but it is a house and that's all I could ever ask for. That's all I ever did ask for. After all the searching (thanks to Mandy, Tiana and my mother in law) we landed on a place to protect us from the storms. A house is what you make of it right? And as long as you have your family with you that is all you'll ever need!

So we get the keys on the 15th and will move our stuff in the weekend of the 22nd I believe. Ok so I've got lots to do today and must get started on them now. Enjoy your day!!!


Danielle said...

Hi J.
I've been praying for you guys about moving and finding a place. I'm happy to hear you found somewhere, I'm sure it's quite the relief! Let me know if you need help with anything. Have fun this week with all the children :) Danielle
P.S. Now Isaiah has fifth's...funny huh!? Brian's next I guess. How's your rash?
Love ya!

lauraslifetoday said...

Hey I think he's happy to hear from you even IF it's "when you need him!" At least you give him the credit when he answers right! Congratulations on the house..I hope I actually get to see this one someday..=)