Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday...

Danielle... I hope that you have a wonderful day. Love you very much dear and I miss you tons!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry overload of pics....

Ok so it's taken me a while to get to the point where I can sit and do this post...

Lets just say Christmas was amazing this year. We had such a busy Christmas I couldn't even begin to tell you who... what... when... or why!? So anyway, here are some pictures in some random order of Christmas. I will give my husband a shout out to. He got me an AWESOME gift this year, so good in fact it brought me to tears. He took himself and the kids to Target and got pictures of the 3 of them. It was so cute and so perfect I couldn't stop crying! He did a good job, right? Alright I'm gonna try and upload some more pics!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dec. 26th, 2005

I've kept this story close to my heart... I've only shared it with a handful of people, but I read a blog today that made me think of it so I thought maybe it was time to share. Lets see how I do.

Lets start with this. After I had Jared Mike and I decided this would probably be our only child. I'm not exactly sure why we made this decision but at the time I was ok with it. But for one reason or another shortly after Jared turned 2 I started feeling like I wanted another. I would tell Mike every once in a while that I wanted another, but it came on deaf ears. I remember the Christmas, I believe it was the Christmas of 2004 Mike told me that we could try for another. You have NOOO idea how excited I was and from that moment on all I could think about was his words and what that meant.

Just after I started working back at Allstate (from Statefarm) I found out that I was pregnant and I was OVER joyed. I remember taking the test upstairs in my bathroom and I screamed soooo loud. I called Mike and I told him and he paused and said nothing. I could tell it freaked him out. I could not contain my excitement and I called and told a lot of people, even though I knew I should probably keep it to myself. The next day I went to work and told my office manager. I had asked her to keep it to herself until I had a chance to go to the doctors, although she decided to tell my corporate director who proceeded to tell me how awful this was. (granted I had only been back about 2 weeks, but seriously the things she said were horrible).

We did decide not to tell all of our family since my sister in-law Mandy was pregnant with Ryker... we were gonna wait until we went to the doctors and wait until after the holidays to tell EVERYONE. I remember Christmas day we had driven down to Lacey and spent the day opening presents and all I could think about was this baby in my tummy. I was overjoyed!!!

Dec. 26th, 2005. I was getting ready to go to bed, we had tucked Jared into bed and I was just about to lay down when I had to go to the bathroom... that was the worst moment of my life. My toilet paper was RED and at that moment my life forever changed. I could not control the emotions and I laid on the floor in Mikes arms as I cried and cried and cried. I remember Mike kept trying to reassure me that this was "normal"... but I knew, I knew I had lost our baby and it was the worst pain I have ever felt... it was not the physical pain, it was the emotional pain that still from time to time haunts me!

The next day I decided to head to work and try to get this behind me. I told my office manager what had happened and asked her to let everyone know but quietly so that I didn't hear it... I remember when she told my corporate director, she was speechless and went into her office and didn't come out for some time... I think she realized what she said and for one brief moment in her life she felt bad, that's not normal if you know the lady. I only lasted until probably lunch time and I went home. I went in to get some blood work the next day and my doctor called me in the evening and told me that it showed that I was probably only about 4 or 5 weeks along and he asked if I was doing alright. He told me that I did nothing wrong for this to happen and that sometimes these things happen because something may have been wrong with the baby. He told me I should wait about 3 cycles before we try again, but everything was gonna be ok. I didn't believe him!

It took us about a year after that to get pregnant again, and that was hard in itself... that year was a hard year for me. I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Anna, I was so scared... because of my previous miscarriage my doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound and because I had been spotting to. I remember when we were in the room getting the ultrasound I was so scared and I prayed and prayed and asked God to please let all of this be ok. When I heard the heartbeat and saw her for the first time on the screen I asked the tech if he was sure and he said, "Yes, there is your baby... look!"... and I cried!

My heart breaks every time I hear someone's story of loss due to miscarriage, it's a pain you really cannot even fathom and I would never ever ever wish it on anyone. It's a pain that really has no words and I don't think it's something you can ever really heal from. So really I am not just a mother of 2, I am a mother of 3... and I wish I could have met that little one, but I will someday and maybe that little one is looking down on us!

Ok so enough of the somberness of this blog... I will post about my wonderful Christmas this year probably this afternoon, but no promises! I really hope you all had a GREAT Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh the joy!

So yesterday our electricity went out, oh the joy of snow right? So I packed up the kids and Mike took us over to Mandy's! We had a really really fun day. Tiana's lights were out to so they came over w/baby (yeah). I wasn't able to take very many pics cause I had my phone which went dead right after the pic w/Anna in the snow... but I'll get the other pics from Mandy and Tiana later.

This was Anna's first time in the snow and she LOVED it. She got to wear Rykers snow suit and coat and she was so flippin cute in it I really can't explain it. Of course Jared had fun, he always does... and like I said I'll post more pics once I get them.

Anyway yesterday consisted of a lot of eating and a lot of laughs and good times. I really really gotta eat and then clean my house, so I'll post more once I have a moment or two.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Guess who?

Winter Storm 2008

Can you see in these two pictures how much freaking snow we've gotten. You can hardly see our neighbors truck parked outside our house... and the van in the front, where are the wheels?

Another Moline Elf Dance

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I really do...

Love Christmas... but mother nature is really making it hard for me this year. When is it that we stop "loving" the snow and start "hating" it? I remember when I was a kid I would play and play and play all day long and never even think twice about it. I haven't been outside to play in the snow once this year, I've only gone out to go to my car and that is it. I have tried to "love" it for my kids, because it's not very fair of me to hate it so much that they don't get to go out and play... but really it's taking the fun out of life for me right now, and I'm having a hard time finding the joy in it all.

I have sooooo much still that I have to do before Christmas... I really really want to go up north to see my family for Christmas. Mikes truck wouldn't start this morning so he took my truck leaving me stranded once again. I'm supposed to go to Mandy's today to make Christmas cookies and now I'm stuck, once again. Oh and did I mention that on Friday Mandy and I made the trek to Walmart to get some shopping done and we were stuck in the darn parking lot for over an hour. It seems as if everyone and their mother was TRYING to leave (most spun out and got stuck themselves making it harder for us to get out)... Oh the joys of a snowy Christmas. My house is a mess, I don't feel like cleaning. I still have to finish getting Mikes present and Anna's presents. My vacuum cleaner broke, my shoulder hurts so bad... AHH BAH HUMBUG! I need to get out of my funk and take a good look at what Christmas is REALLY about and be thankful for what I have right?

Ok so I feel a little better and I'm done being a scrooge!!! (it could be SO much worse than what I'm bitching about so I really should shut up)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

OH MY GOSH! It's been snowing all day, couldn't tell you how deep it is (I won't go outside). But it's deep and it's cold and Jared is loving it.

School was closed and will probably be all week!

Whelp back to chillin on the couch watching tv! :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I just read an article on Yahoo... and I may never eat... eggs, cantaloupe, lunch meat, chicken or beef again.

ps. click on (yahoo in red) and it'll take you to the posting... I just learned something new!

Our tree!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's cold!

Oh my gosh IT'S COLD!!! So cold we couldn't get into our car... it was frozen shut. After some warm water and trying trying trying we got the door open.

I am so freaking cold. It hardly snowed yesterday, but right now it's just freezing!

So we will try and keep warm and be indoors today! Hope you all are warm and cozy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Moline Elf's!

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Friday, December 12, 2008


I think from time to time I'm a sufferer of OCD... I think more so when I was a kid though. I was watching Oprah the other day and they were doing a show on OCD and it got me to thinking about things I did in the past and sometimes do today.

One thing a lady would do is totally freak if she had a thought of something bad happening. Someone dying or what not. Well guess what. Sometimes when I would be dozing off for sleep at night I would get this terrifying thought that maybe I would not wake up and I would die... I would keep myself awake praying to God to allow me to live another day, that I wasn't ready to die... That I had so much more in life I wanted to do. I would listen to my breathing and freak out that I was seriously die. Eventually (without my knowing) exhaustion would set in and I would fall asleep, I'd wake up in the morning with no memory of my panic from the night before.

I would be so scared that I would oversleep that I would seriously check and recheck my alarm clock. Sometimes now (not as much now, more so when Jared was a baby)... I would be scared that someone would break into our house, so I would check all doors and windows at least 2 or more times to make sure I locked them.

When I had babies my biggest fear was them dying of S.I.D.S.... so much that I would just sit and listen to them breath, lay my hand on their chest, even sometimes waking them up. I remember when Annalise was born I would wake Mike up in the hospital and make him go check on her every hour just to make sure she was still alive. I remember when we brought Jared home from the hospital and I would be laying in my bed, I would watch Jared sleep in his bed and just make sure I saw his chest moving up and down.

The more things I type the more things I can think of. I'm not sure what made me decide to blog about this, but oh well you get to see a little bit more into my head. Here's a question for you guys... feel free to leave a comment and share!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Thursday morning!

Good Thursday morning to you all... I feel like November and now December have just disappeared. We've been busy but with nothing in particular, just busy being us I guess! We FINALLY got our tree decorated (I decorated it). I just couldn't wait any longer, Mike works so much and is so busy it would just never have gotten decorated. So I pushed my "tradition" out of my head and just did it while the kids were napping.

Like I said, Mike has been working a lot. Right now he is working 6 days a week (per his boss). And it's taking a toll on Mike. I feel bad for him, but it's always like this during the holiday season. I mean he does work in retail, what would you expect! Poor guy is tired and missing us and we are missing him. Jared has 1 more week of school and then Christmas break. This past weekend I decided to use my 2 new Christmas presents that I got early (gps and truck) and took Anna and Jared to a couple of parks. We just picked a few off the list and drove there. So hopefully (weather permitting) I'll be taking 3 kids to the park while Jared is off school. Otherwise I think I might go crazy!!!!!!!!

Annalise is growing so much and has changed so much in the past month. She is trying to talk and making more noise. I am starting to understand what she wants through her grunts and am trying to help her with her words. It's so much fun and so amazing to watch her grow before my very eyes!

One more thing and I'm going to go. Jared and I have been having a difficult time for some time now... I haven't been able to figure out why, but it's tough. I'm tough on him and he's good at pushing my buttons. Last night my heart just broke and I just feel like we've lost each other. It seems the older he gets the harder it is for him and I to connect. He always gives me hugs and tells me that I'm the best mommy in the world... Well when it comes to him I don't feel like that. I'm gonna stew on this a little and will post more on it when I have more time!

Until then I'm gonna jet!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Short and sweet!

So Mike and I have been together for a little over 7 years and it's not been until recently that we are a little above water. We've been working hard for the past 3 years on cleaning up our mistakes as younger immature "kids"... I'm not gonna go into great detail, I'm gonna keep our "mistakes" to our self's. All you need to know is this...

We tucked our tail between our legs and bucket up and worked our tails off (oh my gosh how corny!)... We got rid of our newer car 3 years ago and settled for an older 89 Honda. We own absolutely everything in our house we do NOT have a single credit card. If we wanted to buy something we saved our money and bought it with cash. We also did a few other things that was 3 years of pure hell, but in the long run it paid off. Because of all this we were able to FINALLY get a new(er) car and for that I am so freaking thankful.

I longed for the day when my fan belt wouldn't screech at Jared's school. I couldn't wait for my behind to be warmed by a seat warmer! I was excited to look out the roof of my car and see sun (sunroof). I honestly couldn't hold my breath long enough for the moment I could fit all kids in the backseat and I could sit next to my husband, in the front! Why do newer things make you feel so good!!!???

Anyway there is the short and sweet story of the process Mike and I have gone through... hopefully in the next year we'll be buying a house (that I cannot explain, but brings such excitement in my soul). I know I said I'd share this story awhile back, but we've been busy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There it is!

I know, I know I still have to post the story... but I thought I would post the pic! I don't have time at the moment, I have a headache! So here is a pic from the lot and I'll get one from my camera when I have a moment! Isn't she cute!?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh my goodness, golly gee!!!

Mike and I finally did it, we got a new car!!! We had an extremely long day yesterday so I don't have a moment right now to post a pic of our car. I have blogged about how I'd share our experience in my head (you will understand what I mean when I blog about it)... but you'll have to hold on tight until I have a moment!

All I'll say right now, it's been 3 long long years driving around in a car that did our family right... and it waited until it was time and let us go. Now we have a new addition to our family and I'm super excited. Why does a car change the way you feel?

Update soon!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a week!

It has been a long week for us here... and because it's been so crazy busy we are now sick. It started with Ryker who started his cold on Thursday and Annalise started hers yesterday and I started it last night. I am miserable, Anna is miserable... she is so miserable I asked her if she wanted to go back to bed and she grabbed her blankie and binkie and walked to our room. I hope that Mike and Jared do not get sick, but we live in a small house and I'm guessing they'll be sick within the next couple of days!

Theron (my new nephew) made it home yesterday. I want to go visit them but I do not want to get them sick, so I'm gonna wait a few days. I'm gonna make them a breakfast casserole (thanks for the recipe Raquel) and bring it over to them. Boy that baby is a cutie, I seriously love being an aunt.

Cross all your fingers and toes... Mike and I will be heading up north tomorrow (Sunday), to hopefully buy a new(er) car. I really hope it works out, so say a small prayer and cross your fingers. I'll post pics of the car if/when we get it! Alright, I'm gonna try to pick up the rest of my house and then try to set the tree up. We will not decorate today since Mike will be working late, but we'll figure out a time to do it soon.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

So much to be thankful this year... I don't have time to post anything special today, got lots and lots to do... For now I'll give my shout out...

Welcome to the world little Theron Andrew... He was born yesterday 11-26. He weighed in at 7lbs 14oz and 20.5 inches long. Congrats to the mommy and daddy (Tiana and Chris), we love you guys so very very much!

Hope everyone is well and having a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Can you get a hangover from to much noise? Oh my gosh, Sunday was a day I spent recovering from the pain in my head... I think I am to old for this stuff!

Can you imagine a bunch of women who were young back in the day, now in or close to their 30's screaming like they were 10 again? That's what the concert was like. But I must admit that it was an AMAZING concert. The NKOTB still "Got the right stuff baby!" Hahahaaa! They put on one hell of a concert. It was a great time for me to be away and just have some fun. Mandy and I went to dinner had a grown up drink, talked and laughed... The waitress even thought we were 19. Come to find out we are 28, mom's and wives! We headed to the concert and had a good time.

Mike survived, Jared survived and Annalise survived for the most part. We headed out from the concert around 11:20pm and I sent Mike a text that we were on our way... Anna had just woken up from going to bed around 9 (this is very norm for her to wake up every 2 hours) and was crying and saying "momma!"... well we'd be home soon so I wasn't worried. But they all survived and for that I'll be doing this more often.

I can say that I still love the New Kids and will go see them again if they go back on tour... they totally thrive off the crowds and you really should have seen them, they were amazing! Thanks Mandy for hanging with me, I had a BLAST!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


What's that stand for? New Kids on the Block... duh!!! Anyway today is the day I go back in time 20 years ago... When I wore LA Gear and bright color cloths. I am going to see them in concert today. I've been having some issues with it (my husband keeps making fun of me!), but in all reality I was IN LOVE with them back in the day. What's wrong with going back in time and catching up with a long lost love! HAHAHAHAAA!!!

Anyway my sis Mandy and I are having a girls day. We are leaving at 4 going out to dinner and heading to the concert. This may be the longest I've been away from Annalise. Mike will be watching her and I pray with all my might that he doesn't have issues. See I'm still nursing and she likes to nurse to sleep, so this will be interesting. Mike did ask 1 thing of me though, he asked me to NOT text, call or check up on him. He said not to worry and get out and have a good time, I deserve it. Isn't that sweet? Well it is and it's so true, so I'm truly going to enjoy myself and let him take care of the kiddo's... I trust him!!!

So regardless of how "old" the NKOTB are, or how "old" I am I'm gonna have a great time!!! In other news, I've finally got my web cam hooked up so I can communicate with family up north. I tried it out last night with my mom and it's pretty neat. Anna loves it because she can see herself, so cute! Well gotta do some chores before I take a break from this thing called mommyhood!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jared the Cub Scout!

Here's our Cub Scout... Looking cute and dorky!!!

Fall days with the family!

Here are some photo's over the past month or sooo. Isn't my husband a good looking man, I really do love him!

Little late, Pumpkin Patch!

Here are some photo's from our trip to the pumpkin patch... I had uploaded these in order, however they did not go in order, I'm irritated but what you gonna do. Enjoy and I'm gonna post some more pics. I've been uploading and editing all morning!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I've been struggling with a headache/migraine for the past 3 or 4 days... Migraines are a pretty consistent factor in my life, ever since I gave birth to Jared... but usually only lasting 1 day. I maybe have 1 major (go to bed and pray for it to go away) maybe every 2 months or so... they can be triggered by; my period, not eating enough in the morn, not having enough caffeine or having to much... stress. Ibuprofen is my saving grace, but if I don't catch it in enough time u can forget about it. So anyway this post was not about my migraines, just to let you know what has been going on. Anyway, I don't know what's going on but I've been in a funk and I'm just soooo tired. I'm sure (I think I've already said this) I'm just adjusting to this weather.

I am gonna post on this in the next couple days, I'll keep you all on the edge of your seats... The struggles and joys of being a stay at home mom, and are we ever really appreciated! I've been going through photo's cleaning up my desktop and then next I'll be putting up some new photo's over the last couple months.

Monday, November 10, 2008


So I put up a fun little poll for all my readers... it is on the left side of the page, participate if you'd like (I'd like)... we'll see how this little one goes and maybe I'll put more up! xoxo Jamie

Friday, November 7, 2008

Blah Blah Blah!

So I'm sorta been in a blah blog mode. I've sorta felt at a loss for words since a stupid comment was left on one of my posts. I'm not sure why and actually I've moved past it, but I've sorta felt guarded about what I want to say on here... I don't want to be like that, I love sharing my thoughts and feelings and well I love sharing about my family. Besides that to, I've just been feeling tired and warn out. My headaches/migraines have been coming a lot more recently and I just feel blah. I hope it's (my body) just trying to adjust to fall/winter coming and the daylight savings stuff. Hopefully I'll be getting back into my groove thang!

I do want to say that I really like living here in Lacey. I've found myself to be busy busy busy all the time. During the week I'm spinning out of control with my kids and my nephew. Taking Jared to school; keeping the kids on a schedule; picking Jared up... Then on the weekend we usually spend some time with Mandy and Tiana just hanging out. It seems like we either have someones birthday or shower... something... but I love it. I like being busy, ask Mike. He doesn't like it, he'd rather sit on his fat a** (LOVE) and sleep all day long. Me for some reason just feel like I'm always on the go. When we are at home I am restless and always picking up after the kids and doing laundry and just well SPINNING. Lacey also seems to be in the middle of everything around here. We are not far from much and we are looking into doing a lot more outdoor things, which I love. Last weekend we went to Tumwater Falls w/ the kids. That was nice just to walk around and take nature in.

So it's the weekend and I'm glad, hopefully I'll get to sleep in a little (PLEASE ANNA). Tomorrow (Saturday) we are gonna head over to the Christmas Bazaar down the road where my mother in-law is selling her candies. Sunday Mike has off so we'll be watching the Seahawk game and then doing something fun as a family! (so much for being speechless, it sorta just spilled out!)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A visit, a tantrum and insanity!

So again not a whole lot going on. Mike has had the last 2 days off, which has been nice. We've just been hanging out. Jared has started Cub Scouts and Annalise is being a brat. She is throwing tantrums, she stomps her feet when she is mad. I try to put her in her car seat and she will throw her belly out and scream. She cries for no reason at all except to cry. She got her butt smacked the other day because she bit Jared because again she was mad. She sticks absolutely everything in her mouth so I've had to smack her hand 2 times so she will not stick CORDS in her mouth. She is sooooooo freaking emotional and drives me nuts... BUT I LOVE HER anyway!

Mr. Aaron Sanchez is down here today (just got here in fact) visiting us from up north. And just as he walked in the door he walked back out with Mike. Do you have any idea where he and Mike went? Cabela's!!! Mike can't stay away from that place, it's funny.

Well the kiddo's are sleeping and I'm freezing, so I'm gonna get a blanket and relax!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hello all... well I do not have ANY pics from Halloween. I'm gonna have to steal some from the sis in law... we did have a good time though. Annalise did good for the couple houses she walked to. The rest of the time we just watched the boys (Jared and Ryker) do all the "trick or treating"...

Other than that not a whole lot going on. Jared had 2 days of from school making for a 4 day weekend... that's always hard because he begins to wear on my nerves about 2 days in :)... And in Jared news I'm pretty sure he has 5th disease... his rash broke out yesterday.

Alright I'm off to eat my lunch (I've been up since 6:30am), and work on getting caught up on the stupid laundry. Have I mentioned that I DO NOT like daylight savings? Oh in other news, Election day is on Tuesday, I cannot wait to see who will be elected for President... who do you think it'll be?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Breaking it down people.....

Ok so for about a week or so I've been blogging in my head... trying to find the right words to express something that has been really bothering me. I guess first I'll ask the question I've been wondering for sometime. Do I come across like I'm "to good" for people, or I'm better then some people? I ask this because someone said that to me recently. So this post is dedicated to this lovely person and whomever else may think this, or to the some who just want to know a little more about me. I'll start by saying that I am in NO WAY better than anyone and do not live or have the "perfect" life. Yes I have a husband and 2 BEAUTIFUL children... but behind closed doors, or wide open doors in fact we live a crazy hectic and sometimes overwhelming life. I don't try to hide what happens, I may not blog about it... but it's there and it's for everyone to see.

We'll kick this off with the fact that I am a mother of 2, this may not seem like a big thing but I was a mother of only 1 for 5 years. That's a long span to then bring in another child. We'll just say bringing Anna into the mix has changed my relationship with Jared and it's a work in progress for getting it on the right track.

Ok I'm gonna break it down (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER):

  • I have a temper like no-other, I have no patience... although this is something I work on DAILY, it's a work in progress.
  • My daughter does NOT, I repeat does NOT sleep through the night and has only slept through the night 1 time in her whole year of life.
  • My husband and I do not sleep in the same bed... this is because of the above.

(because Anna does not sleep through the night and gets up every 1 to 2 hours I don't sleep, which means when he's snoring like a crazy gorilla I kick him out because then I can't get any sleep for the remainder 20 minuets in between her feeding and tossing and turning...)

  • My daughter sleeps in "our" bed. (This is again because she gets up soooo much, and well hardly sleeps at all anyway)
  • Jared and I get along about 50% out of everyday
  • I feel as if I'm going crazy some days and because of this my lovely doctor gave me some medication to help and then when I forget to take it (which is often) I become even more crazy!
  • Mike and I only KNEW each other for 3 months prior to getting pregnant... through some of the hardest times in my life and his to (I'm sure of it) we've been together for 7 of the craziest years.
  • I am addicted to Dr. Pepper in a bad bad bad way (thanks Mom)... Mike suggested I stop drinking it the other day so I went 1 whole day without drinking Dr. Pepper and I have to say it is almost if not worse than quiting smoking. So I am still addicted and do not plan on quiting anytime soon.
  • I used to smoke... I quit ONLY because I was pregnant with Jared. I loved smoking (honestly do not ask me why)... but I will NEVER ever smoke again. I do dream about it sometimes, it's the weirdest thing and I always feel so guilty.
  • I love watching reality tv and Mike calls me immature for watching shows like "The Hills", "Real World" etc... he says that I need to grow up I'm not in High school anymore and I need to stop living in that world. (THAT IS NOT WHY I WATCH THE STUPID SHOWS)
  • I devote my whole self to my family and my children to a fault.
  • I do not do anything for myself.
  • If my hair is not cut short I will hardly/never wear it down... always in a bun.
  • I have a brother whom is the same age as my son. WEIRD!
  • I want to be an organic/green person... but I have such a hard time breaking bad habits.
  • I hate cleaning my bathroom, I HATE IT!
  • I don't really like ice cream that much
  • I am sorta afraid of the dark
  • I like even numbers and if I do something like clap my hands or something it has to be in even numbers
  • When I put the dishes in the dishwasher it has to go in a certain way. The silverware has to be separated with it's match... when Mike does the dishes it TOTALLY bugs me cause the silverware is not separated.
  • I get very anxious when things are not cleaned and when things are cluttered... but I don't enjoy cleaning at all.
  • Out of all my friends I had in school... I've only remained friends with 2 whom I've know since 4th/5th grade...
  • I haven't been to a movie theater in over a year
  • I've been promising Jared a "mom and me day" for almost a year... and we have not been able to yet.
  • I absolutely love living in Lacey and love that my sister in-laws watch the kids a lot so me and my hubby can go on dates.
  • The minuet I saw Mike I knew we'd be together forever... and actually the minuet I saw his name on the schedule for work I knew it... weird right!
  • I love that I've breastfed both my children, but I hate breastfeeding Anna now. She will not sit still long enough to eat, and likes to move so much while eating. It drives me NUTS!
  • I still love NKOTB and get to see them in concert really really soon.
  • Mike and I have only been on 1 vacation alone in the whole 7 years we've been together. That was our trip to Tahoe.
  • I HATE folding laundry.
  • I had blond hair once and it was so ugly.
  • I absolutely LOVE Christmas time... If I could decorate for Christmas right now I would. It gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling!
  • I do not forgive or forget very easily. When you hurt me or my family it will take sometime for me to allow you back in... if at all.
  • I absolutely hate drugs and am sooo thankful I found a man who believes in the same things and values as I do. I've had to much pain and hurt from people who abuse and us drugs and alcohol.
  • I've always wanted to be a teacher.
  • I do not like taking naps and people (my husband) who do... minus the kiddo's taking naps cause then I get some alone time.
  • I love getting knew cloths.
  • I had a miscarriage Dec. 26th, 2005.
  • I always have to buy a new outfit for events or parties.
  • My dad would not allow me to get a job until I was 18, he wanted me to focus on school.
  • I am the worst hypochondriac... I always think I've got something or something is wrong and I'm gonna die.
  • I am scared of dying and leaving my children and husband alone.
  • I worry about everything to much.
  • I still feel like I'm 18. It really hasn't registered that I'm a mother of 2, I'm married, oh and I'm 28.
  • My 10 year reunion is coming soon and I'm still debating on if I'll go or not.
  • I lived in Illinois for 3 of the hardest life lesson months of my life.
  • And I do know that everything in life happens for 1 reason or another.

So this isn't exactly what I was meaning to do. But it was kinda fun thinking of all these things, and giving you guys a little more insight to my world/mind. I am angry that someone would say or even think that about me... because if you knew me and this person should know me... would know without a doubt that I'm not perfect. I try to be, I try to be the best person that I can be. Some days I'm not so good at it, some days I'm just a mean brat. But honestly I love with all my being and I without a doubt would die for my children. I give myself 100%, and I give without asking anything in return. So if you don't know me you got to know a little bit more about me and if you do know me, well now you know more.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun weekend, busy week!

Things have been crazy for us lately. With Mike's work, Jared's school, Anna and Ryker... I feel like I'm spinning! But in all this craziness things are good! Today was Aunt Tiana's baby shower, which was lots of fun. She got a lot of good things!

Yesterday was a good day for Mike and I and the family. We went grocery shopping and then went shopping for Mike so he could get some grown up cloths! :) We haven't gotten to see much of each other lately with his new job. It's been really hard for me, but he's happy and loves his job (I guess that's all that matters, right?).

Well I just wanted to give a short update... I'm really tired and just want to sit with Jared and watch some tv. I will post a few cute pics and a few new blogs maybe tomorrow or Monday!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

One more and I've got to run...

Ok and one more cute pic and I have to get going... got lots to do. I promise I will post about all the things we've been up to, because we've been up to a lot. But right now is not the time, I am truly sorry!

This is a new outfit she got from 1 of her grandma's... Grandma and Papa John and it's cute cute cute!

Enjoy and I'll update you all later!

The past down bikini...

This itty bitty bikini has been passed down many a generation... ok maybe 3. All the girls starting from Mike's mother, to his sisters have worn this bikini. I guess it was Anna's turn and oh boy was it cute. This is not the best picture, I am waiting for all the ones from his mother... but I wanted to share in the cuteness of Anna and all her MANY rolls!
This girl rocks the bikini, you should see her behind! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween!

1 year later!

Her birth!!!