Saturday, November 22, 2008


What's that stand for? New Kids on the Block... duh!!! Anyway today is the day I go back in time 20 years ago... When I wore LA Gear and bright color cloths. I am going to see them in concert today. I've been having some issues with it (my husband keeps making fun of me!), but in all reality I was IN LOVE with them back in the day. What's wrong with going back in time and catching up with a long lost love! HAHAHAHAAA!!!

Anyway my sis Mandy and I are having a girls day. We are leaving at 4 going out to dinner and heading to the concert. This may be the longest I've been away from Annalise. Mike will be watching her and I pray with all my might that he doesn't have issues. See I'm still nursing and she likes to nurse to sleep, so this will be interesting. Mike did ask 1 thing of me though, he asked me to NOT text, call or check up on him. He said not to worry and get out and have a good time, I deserve it. Isn't that sweet? Well it is and it's so true, so I'm truly going to enjoy myself and let him take care of the kiddo's... I trust him!!!

So regardless of how "old" the NKOTB are, or how "old" I am I'm gonna have a great time!!! In other news, I've finally got my web cam hooked up so I can communicate with family up north. I tried it out last night with my mom and it's pretty neat. Anna loves it because she can see herself, so cute! Well gotta do some chores before I take a break from this thing called mommyhood!


Anonymous said... did it go? :) Chad's wife went with some friends too I guess. Danielle