Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Can you get a hangover from to much noise? Oh my gosh, Sunday was a day I spent recovering from the pain in my head... I think I am to old for this stuff!

Can you imagine a bunch of women who were young back in the day, now in or close to their 30's screaming like they were 10 again? That's what the concert was like. But I must admit that it was an AMAZING concert. The NKOTB still "Got the right stuff baby!" Hahahaaa! They put on one hell of a concert. It was a great time for me to be away and just have some fun. Mandy and I went to dinner had a grown up drink, talked and laughed... The waitress even thought we were 19. Come to find out we are 28, mom's and wives! We headed to the concert and had a good time.

Mike survived, Jared survived and Annalise survived for the most part. We headed out from the concert around 11:20pm and I sent Mike a text that we were on our way... Anna had just woken up from going to bed around 9 (this is very norm for her to wake up every 2 hours) and was crying and saying "momma!"... well we'd be home soon so I wasn't worried. But they all survived and for that I'll be doing this more often.

I can say that I still love the New Kids and will go see them again if they go back on tour... they totally thrive off the crowds and you really should have seen them, they were amazing! Thanks Mandy for hanging with me, I had a BLAST!!!