Thursday, November 6, 2008

A visit, a tantrum and insanity!

So again not a whole lot going on. Mike has had the last 2 days off, which has been nice. We've just been hanging out. Jared has started Cub Scouts and Annalise is being a brat. She is throwing tantrums, she stomps her feet when she is mad. I try to put her in her car seat and she will throw her belly out and scream. She cries for no reason at all except to cry. She got her butt smacked the other day because she bit Jared because again she was mad. She sticks absolutely everything in her mouth so I've had to smack her hand 2 times so she will not stick CORDS in her mouth. She is sooooooo freaking emotional and drives me nuts... BUT I LOVE HER anyway!

Mr. Aaron Sanchez is down here today (just got here in fact) visiting us from up north. And just as he walked in the door he walked back out with Mike. Do you have any idea where he and Mike went? Cabela's!!! Mike can't stay away from that place, it's funny.

Well the kiddo's are sleeping and I'm freezing, so I'm gonna get a blanket and relax!