Friday, November 7, 2008

Blah Blah Blah!

So I'm sorta been in a blah blog mode. I've sorta felt at a loss for words since a stupid comment was left on one of my posts. I'm not sure why and actually I've moved past it, but I've sorta felt guarded about what I want to say on here... I don't want to be like that, I love sharing my thoughts and feelings and well I love sharing about my family. Besides that to, I've just been feeling tired and warn out. My headaches/migraines have been coming a lot more recently and I just feel blah. I hope it's (my body) just trying to adjust to fall/winter coming and the daylight savings stuff. Hopefully I'll be getting back into my groove thang!

I do want to say that I really like living here in Lacey. I've found myself to be busy busy busy all the time. During the week I'm spinning out of control with my kids and my nephew. Taking Jared to school; keeping the kids on a schedule; picking Jared up... Then on the weekend we usually spend some time with Mandy and Tiana just hanging out. It seems like we either have someones birthday or shower... something... but I love it. I like being busy, ask Mike. He doesn't like it, he'd rather sit on his fat a** (LOVE) and sleep all day long. Me for some reason just feel like I'm always on the go. When we are at home I am restless and always picking up after the kids and doing laundry and just well SPINNING. Lacey also seems to be in the middle of everything around here. We are not far from much and we are looking into doing a lot more outdoor things, which I love. Last weekend we went to Tumwater Falls w/ the kids. That was nice just to walk around and take nature in.

So it's the weekend and I'm glad, hopefully I'll get to sleep in a little (PLEASE ANNA). Tomorrow (Saturday) we are gonna head over to the Christmas Bazaar down the road where my mother in-law is selling her candies. Sunday Mike has off so we'll be watching the Seahawk game and then doing something fun as a family! (so much for being speechless, it sorta just spilled out!)