Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a week!

It has been a long week for us here... and because it's been so crazy busy we are now sick. It started with Ryker who started his cold on Thursday and Annalise started hers yesterday and I started it last night. I am miserable, Anna is miserable... she is so miserable I asked her if she wanted to go back to bed and she grabbed her blankie and binkie and walked to our room. I hope that Mike and Jared do not get sick, but we live in a small house and I'm guessing they'll be sick within the next couple of days!

Theron (my new nephew) made it home yesterday. I want to go visit them but I do not want to get them sick, so I'm gonna wait a few days. I'm gonna make them a breakfast casserole (thanks for the recipe Raquel) and bring it over to them. Boy that baby is a cutie, I seriously love being an aunt.

Cross all your fingers and toes... Mike and I will be heading up north tomorrow (Sunday), to hopefully buy a new(er) car. I really hope it works out, so say a small prayer and cross your fingers. I'll post pics of the car if/when we get it! Alright, I'm gonna try to pick up the rest of my house and then try to set the tree up. We will not decorate today since Mike will be working late, but we'll figure out a time to do it soon.