Saturday, January 16, 2010

The new year...

I've been wanting to post something for a while, but I've had such a block. I've been overwhelmed with not working, trying to get a job and figure out what is right to do for our family. I honestly believe with ALL my heart that I'm supposed to be home with my children, but I also know that I have to make some money for our family so we have a home to live in! :) Where is the middle ground here? My husband is unhappy with his job and he wants to make a change, but he's the one that makes the most money so if he did something drastic we would be hurting.

I just feel all the pressure to find something and do something. I had another interview at SF and I thought for sure that I got the job. However I again did not. It just pisses me off, the one and only place I would like to work at will not hire me. So I've decided I'm done trying to work there. I just wish I could figure something out that I could do at home and still make money.


Other than that everything is good. The kids are great and love me being home. Jared is doing good in school, making good decisions and I'm proud of him. Annalise is getting so big and she is so smart and she amazes me everyday! Mike is almost finished with the hunting season (yeah maybe my garage won't smell like ass any longer!), but he's had a great hunting season. He will be leaving next week for training in Colorado (like last year). So it'll just be me and the kids for the week...

Other than that nothing else to really report on. I will try and keep up on this more, but I appreciate all who read this, I really do!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas, much different than a lot of our past Christmas'... but it was great. I have NO pictures to post since my camera had no charge, and I couldn't find the cord. GREAT!!!

As for 2009, SEE YA! You brought many great things and many annoying things. But like every other year we've managed to make it through all in tact!!! Thank you so much!

Now on to 2010... may you be a great year for our family and may only good things come our way!!!