Saturday, August 16, 2008

8 days and counting...

And I have never been more stressed. My head is still spinning and I don't know what I've gotten myself into. I feel angry and frustrated and all I want to do is scream. Everything has put me on edge. Is there an end in sight?

So this is the last week for me here, a lot of things are packed and ready to go. I honestly just feel in limbo and I HATE that feeling. All loose ends need to be finished up this week and then come Sunday the 24th out of here. Now don't get your feelings hurt, I'm not EXCITED to leave anyone I'm just anxious to get done with all this crap and get on with the other things that need to be finished when I get down there.

Uhhh Jared will be starting 1st grade shortly after arriving, are you serious? This is what the next couple of months look like for us:

  • Moving to Lacey
  • Unpack and get settled
  • Cable gets installed
  • Jared starts 1st grade
  • Start watching Ryker
  • My 28th birthday
  • Annalise turns 1
  • Mike will be 31

And the countless other things that always find their ways into OUR CRAZY LIFE!


lauraslifetoday said...

Ok, sit down with a glass of wine, take a deep breath and think of all of the accomplishments you've achieved in the PAST few months. It will make the next ones feel a little more do-able. Then again, maybe just drink the bottle of wine and take a nap. That might work!

I'm sure you will look back in a few months and say, WOW I can't believe how fast it's all flown by..