Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And another!

So here are some pics from last night. Jared really wanted to play some baseball with Daddy. So after we picked up Mike's FIXED bike $$ later they made it up the hill and played. Annalise and I followed along (she wouldn't go to sleep)... so there it was. Notice the TINY bat? He found a bigger one after he got super frustrated that he just couldn't hit the ball. He is actually very good and its so fun to teach, since I am (I mean was) a baseball/softball player. The last pic is of me and Anna trying to get a cute pic of us, it's alright I guess.

Oh and have I mentioned? I AM GOING TO THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK concert! I am so freaking excited. I remember the first time I went and it was my first concert ever. Who cares that it was what 20 years ago, who cares that they are older now. I was in LOVE with them and they were my favorite, it's a reunion tour and there is no harm in bringing back the 80's!!! I can't, can't WAIT! And the husband can stop making fun of me right now. I'm gonna wear a NKOTB shirt with funky pants, put my hair in pig tails and wear high top HOT PINK shoes, laugh all you want.

Alright enough from me today I must really stop this and focus on the kids!!!