Thursday, June 5, 2008

And then there was Jared!!!

Here is another piece of art from my little Artist!!! I love that he loves art, and he's so good at it. His imagination is amazing to, he comes up with these stories and drawings... he practices and gets so much better!
One thing I must mention is he's going through something though. I'm not sure what it is. He is a little smarty pants and I don't mean in the fun way. He pushes his limits and continues to say mean things and just be rude. I'm pretty sure it's a stage going from 5 to 6, and obviously his boundaries are changing and his role in life is changing......... but it makes my day with him so hard. I don't know how to pick my battles with him, he has figured out what buttons to push of mine and I swear I'm gonna have grey hair before I'm 30 (and that's not to far off).
Summer break is FAST approaching and in some ways I'm excited, other ways I'M SCARED! I'm gonna have to keep him very busy. He has a very short attention span and he is constantly running out of things to keep him busy. Plus I'll have two babies whom I'm gonna have to try and keep up on a schedule but still have time to devote to Jared and make sure he has a good summer. Oh my gosh what am I to do?
Well I have a ton I could go on and on about, however Annalise is screaming at me and well I've had enough, goodbye for now!