Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lets start the week off right!!!

So hello everyone, it's Sunday and we are gearing up for another hot day. Friday my sis came over with Aliester and we went over to Great grandma's to swim... When I say we I mean, Aliester, Jared and Nic. Annalise CANNOT be in the sun right now because of the antibiotics she's on and well I don't want anyone to see my speckled body. Yesterday Nic picked up Jared and they went to the lake. I'm glad that Jared has been able to do some stuff, and have some fun!

So that everyone knows, I have Scarlett Fever. It's caused from strep throat. It is HORRIBLE, it itches but honestly its ugly and it's ALL over my body. I don't say that in any exaggerating tone either, it is every where. All over my chest, up my neck, down my arms, down my stomach and down my legs... even my little feet have spots. I really really really PRAY with all my heart that it starts to go away soon. It's hot out and I don't feel like I can go out in public with this rash all over my body. People are very judgemental and unforgiving, so I stay in my house and pray for this to be over. The times I have ventured out I wear long sleeves and try to block out the looks. I don't wish this on anyone!

Alrighty then. Dylan is back this week and we are off to start the week!!!


Grandma said...

I love the pictures!!! You have
beautiful children, I might be a little bias though :>)