Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot weekend!

Jared had swimming lesson's on Saturday. It was fun but so short and I only have him in 4 classes I think, I hope that's enough. If not I'll just sign him up for more. This weekend sure was a hot one. I'm not gonna complain (even though I was HOT), but it sure was a change from the previous days. Anna did ok, I ended up taking off all her cloths and she was in a diaper the rest of the day.
As for Anna... again KNOCK ON WOOD, she has been doing pretty good at her naps. It seems like it gets a little better and a little better. Today she took a 2 hour nap! :) That's HUGE!!!
Also today my sister in laws came up to see us and it was fun to hang out. They were trying on Mike to get him to move down to Olympia. I want to, I want to be close to them. Plus I'd get to watch Ryker and maybe someday any other nieces or nephews. Jared and Ryker had a great time playing and Anna was cute as always!
Ok I'm off to take a shower and go to bed, Goodnight!