Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where did the sun go!?

Ok so I have a ton to blog about today lets see if I can remember all the things I want to write about. Dylan isn't here today so my mind has been free to think!
1st off Annalise is 7 months today. OH MY GOSH! I can't believe how freaking fast it's going. I keep saying that, but it's true. I honestly feel like I blinked and then it's here 7 months later. It's sooooo sad! I mean I am so proud of her and she is so big, but honestly couldn't she have just taken her time just a little? Right now she is trying to crawl but gets so frustrated because she can't. Yesterday she was sitting on the hardwood floor and pushing with her feet while sitting up, and got around a little. She is freaking cute let me just tell you. She has such a great personality!!!
The bottom two pics are of Jared and Anna. Jared tried feeding his sister and he had a great time! It was cute. Annalise loves her brother so very very much!
Ok what else! Going organic and green... well it gets easier and easier for me everyday. It seems that every time we go grocery shopping we get more and more organic. I'm happy to report that Walmart finally is getting on the organic wagon. We went shopping there last weekend and found a ton of great stuff that was organic. So it's been easier and easier for us to keep getting organic with the prices of EVERYTHING going up. It's crazy how much everything is going up. It seems like every time I go to the store the prices are inching up and up.
Have I told you lately that I like cleaning... weird right? Well since I've been home this is my place and I CANNOT stand my house getting messy or cluttered. I get irritated and so I have to clean. Some days I'm to tired to do anything after dealing with Jared, Anna and Dylan so it'll go to the wayside... but then I'm irritated and I have to get it done. So I love it. I haven't ever been like this and it's been a slow process but I love it! Now I just have to get motivated to get the upstairs clean and get my boys to start doing their share. Jared will take his cloths off when he's down stairs (he does not like to wear cloths) and he just throws them on the floor... my boys how I love them! :)
Lets see what else. Mike has been working so much it's like we never get to see him. When he's not working his normal shifts he's picking up overtime and working over night! I hate being home alone with the kids... I am so scared something is going to happen. It's funny Jared will sleep in my room on the couch and we'll lock ourselves in for the night!
Ok I just realized that I'm super tired and Anna is napping so I'm gonna go veg on the couch for a bit. I hope all is well with everyone, and by the way RAIN RAIN GO AWAY!


Raquel P. said...

Hi Jamie,

I am forwarding your blog website to my co-worker's daughter that you know, Christine Schurman.