Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Saturday!

So yesterday was a crazy day... I think that my mom and I didn't really think about what we were going to get ourselves into. It sounded like a good idea, but we also didn't think about who was coming along with us!

We went to the Zoo, but first we had to make a quick pit stop. Target! We had to get a hat for Anna and a different shirt for me and then we ended up getting Jared a shirt to. The problem with that pit stop was the fact that it's not what was on Jared's agenda so he was all sorts of angry. We should have known then what the rest of the day would have been like. :) Ok so after Target we were all hungry and we really couldn't decide where we were going to eat we just knew it wasn't going to be at the zoo, it's so expensive. We decided, well because it's our most favoritest place to go to... Port of Subs, we went back to the one we went to when we lived in Mountlake Terrace back when I was 5.

I swear that my son has ADD, he could not sit still the whole time we were eating. Anyway after eating off we went. Yeah so did I mention that this is Memorial Weekend, never crossed our minds! We got off the freeway and then we should have known how bad it was gonna be. The line to the zoo was all the way to the freeway entrance, it took us probably a 1/2 hour or more to get to the parking lot only to find there was no parking. My mother and I wanted to give up then, we wanted to go to the Seattle Aquarium... but again that little boy of mine (my mom can't say no). We drove down some side streets about 3 or so blocks and squished into some place to park. Off we went!

Another thing I may not have mentioned is that the Zoo is one of favorite places to go. Last year a girl from work gave me a year membership pass to the zoo for me and my family. So we went a few times but had already been a ton of times before. However this time, this Saturday was Annalise's first trip. We've been to this zoo a ton so I had a feeling Jared wouldn't be to interested. He honestly has the attention span of a fly. We started off and it was crazy busy, the first 5 animals we went to see were sleeping (it was a little warm for them I guess). Jared was already talking about how he wanted to buy a toy at the zoo store, HERE WE GO! We walked some more and walked some more he wasn't interested in looking at the animals. Annalise wasn't feeling well so she was sleeping, again so much fun. The people at the zoo are rude and just don't care of others around them, SO MUCH FUN! We had some ice cream after Jared continued to keep saying he wanted some. Anna woke up we ended up at the petting animals part. Anna loved the goats and really loved the mini horses. She got to pet the goats and I got some pictures. I'm waiting for my mom to email them to me so I'll post them once I get them. (if you are reading this send them over!)

So anyway I don't really know how to sum up the whole zoo thing, but I'm thinking the zoo thing is done. We have honestly seen every animal at that zoo way more than once.... we need to find something new to do! After the zoo we headed to dinner. In all though HONESTLY it was fun, it seems sometimes only the annoying or hard times stick out in my mind. I have been negative lately so that's my problem. Annalise was so good the whole time and it was super nice outside and so much fun to get out in the sun and just enjoy life, I really haven't been doing that a ton lately! I have a lot on my mind sometimes it just feels so foggy.

Whelp I REALLY REALLY need to clean my house. Anna just went down for a nap, Jared is playing Wii so I should do something with myself. Mike is gone till Tuesday and I should say it's so tough with him being gone but honestly he isn't around a ton with work and all so it's nothing new to me! I promise that I will post pics of the zoo once I get them!