Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sick, sick and Sick!

I can't find the stupid picture I wanted to post on here... I'm so frustrated! Anyway, I've been gone from blog land for sometime now and it's cause WE ARE ALL SICK! It's horrible. It started with Jared and a little cough and then Annalise got it and I was up with her every night for two whole nights because she couldn't breath so I had to try everything I could to get her comfortable enough to sleep... and nothing helped. Then I got sick, then Dylan got sick..... then Mike and now Tara. We are MISERABLE! It's this horrible cold and I feel like mine is turning into a sinus infection!

Annalise is starting to get a little better. She still has a little cough but is (knock on wood) starting to sleep better at night. Jared is pretty much done with it. The rest of us not so much and it's horrible!

I am so tired and achy and just plain in a bad mood. I really really hope this gets better soon!

So that's all the energy I have to post so I will try more later!