Thursday, May 22, 2008

So I've decided...

I am no longer going to blog about how great Annalise is doing at sleeping etc... All I'm going to say right now is I'm glad I didn't completely give up and trying! :)

Yesterday was BAD and I say that with as much passion as I can muster! I ended up crying along with her and calling my mom who talked to me until she cried it out. I had no other choice, and she did it. She survived and I guess I did. I was so tired yesterday, after Jared went to bed Mike was on his way home and called me. I didn't even hear my phone and when he called for me to open the garage, he had to call like 3 times cause I couldn't hear the phone.

Ok so I have a headache and I've been working on 3 lists for myself today. I have a TO DO list, a "Jamie's personal wants" list, and a "Jamie's wants" list. I'd share whats on the list but Mike just got here with lunch. The babies are sleeping- AHHH PEACE!