Monday, May 5, 2008

My son the bike rider!!!

So yesterday after shopping at the mall with the family it was pretty nice out so Jared wanted to ride his scooter... then he comes in crying and he told me, "All my friends can ride without training wheels when is Daddy gonna show me how?" I told him he would just not right this second. I went back into the house to talk with Mike about it and told him that Jared was crying. Mike went out there and was gonna talk with him. Well Jared went a step further and took his training wheels off by himself. I guess he figured that if he did that Dad would have no other choice but to try to show him how.

I was so nervous. We told him he'd probably fall a few times and maybe get hurt... good thing he has a helmet!!! Well I was inside for a second and then all I hear is, good job Jared... The pictures above don't really show him on his own, however HONESTLY it took Jared 3 tries and he is OFFICIALLY a bike rider. He caught onto it like you wouldn't believe and oh my gosh he blew Mike and I away! Today when Mike woke up Jared and him went outside and he rode his bike around, and again no problem. He doesn't even need help starting out!

I am so freaking proud of him and how amazed he is at learning!