Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nothing new!

Well the kids just went down for their morning naps... today it seems they are sorta on the same schedule. The boys are sleeping, the girls are sleeping, what's a mommy to do?

I honestly have nothing new to blog about, sometimes it seems as if my days are all the same.

I guess the only thing new is Mike is looking for a new job, I guess he's getting bored of working at the same place for over 8 years. We've tossed the idea of moving down to Olympia to be closer to his family but also because the cost of living is cheaper down there. With the way things are right now somethings got to give. I guess we've just decided to put it out there and if it's meant to be then it's meant to be. We've sorta lived our lives like that so whats it gonna hurt?

Jared is doing alright, he's been a little emotional lately and I'm not sure why. Jared and I really really have to do a "mommy and me day!" We've been talking and talking about it but finding the time is hard. His teeth are doing much better and he's been a little trooper about brushing and not eating or drinking things with a lot of sugar.

Annalise wants to crawl so bad, she tries and tries but just can't figure out how to get her one leg flipped around and balance her heavy weight. She is going through separation anxiety pretty bad right now, I can't freaking leave the room with out a melt down from her. I read on Parent Center that all babies go through it some worse than others (about this time). If I remember correctly Dylan did the same thing around this stage to.

Nothing new with me, same ole same ole.