Thursday, July 3, 2008

1st question, I am so excited!

What is my all-time favorite movie?

I'd have to say Pretty Women. I remember when Danielle and I would watch it everyday and we knew it word for word. After we got into our really bad car accident and we were out of school for a while we would watch it all day long! OH THE MEMORIES!!!

Another good movie that Mike and I just watched is, "The Bucket List". That gives me an idea maybe I should make my own bucket list.

I appreciate the question and have been thinking of ideas to keep my blogs fun. By the way, it's POURING outside.

ps. I edited the comments so it doesn't have to be approved by me, they will just post. Sorry guys still learning all the tricks and secrets.


Danielle said...

Oh the memories is right! :) I have such great memories of watching that movie with you. That was fun. Gotta love pretty woman! It's definitly still one of my top favorites.

Anonymous said...

Question...If you were to have another little boy or girl do you know what you would want to name them?