Thursday, July 17, 2008

No funnies for me!

So I sit here and want to write all these great wonderful things... about all the cool things we've been doing this summer and how much I'm enjoying the sun. HOWEVER I doubt that's going to happen this summer since well I've been sick the whole darn summer.

I am quite depressed to be completely honest and I'm in a horrible funk. Wouldn't you be if you were sick almost everyday since June 1st. Lets see, whats the latest? Well Monday morning I woke up feeling like complete crap and Dylan showed up and it was getting worse and worse and worse... and then it started. I vomited like you wouldn't believe. I could not eat anything and I could not drink anything. I tried so hard to keep energy to watch all the kids however I could not. Finally Dylan's dad showed up and I thought I'd get some relief but I still had two kids (my kids). How in the heck does a stay at home mom get better? I begged my husband to come home from work, but he could not. I called everyone in my family to come over and tend to the needy children I have and no one could. So I laid on the floor while my daughter ate everything she could find with her little hands and I laid there and prayed this to shall pass.

What a joke, I have no sense of humor right now. I don't know what God is trying to tell me right now all I know is I'm angry and I just want to be better. I could not celebrate my sons 6th birthday with him because I was sick and I haven't felt good yet. I do really wish and pray this goes away. Saturday I've planned a sleep over for 3 boys and my son (for his birthday)... am I crazy? I think so, Mike is out of town this weekend for Bob's wedding.