Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday, what a day!

I fell down the stairs yesterday w/ Dylan... I took the blunt of the fall to protect that bundle of joy... and Annalise fell off her brothers bed this morning after her morning nap.

Why was Anna sleeping in her brothers bed? Well Mike and Jared were sleeping in my bed and the crib is in our room... Annalise cannot sleep when two boys are snoring so I put her in Jared's bed. Usually when she wakes up she'll make some sort of a noise... however she was sneaky and super quite. I had the monitor right by her so I could hear her every move and I missed it. All of a sudden from the roof above (we have two stories), I heard a thump and then a little cry. Luckily Jared's bed is low to the ground so she is all good.

Right now as we speak my husband is in his interview with Statefarm. To say that we've all been stressed out is... well an UNDERSTATEMENT. He has been on edge, he hates his current job and wants nothing more than to get out. This is the one job he really would like so he was EXTRA crabby. I've prayed and prayed and prayed so I hope something good comes of all of this. We certainly need a change in our lives!

Also can everyone say a quick prayer for my father in-law. He had bypass surgery today. I just got word that it went well, just prayer it keeps going well and he'll be ok! Well my sister is supposed to be coming over but she said that about 11 and it's almost 2, so we'll see. I desperately need a Dr. pepper and Anna is taking a nap. AHHHH the life of a SAHM!

PS. I'm still waiting for some weekly ideas to blog about, is anyone out there?


Danielle said...

Hey J! Can't wait to hear how Mike's interview went. When do you guys find out? Is this one in Olympia or here? I will try to think of a week idea thing. My brain is not working that good right now. We got stuck this week with being sick. Gage throwing up/fever then Brian got the fever and body aches Tues., I got them Wed. and we are just starting to feel normal again today. What is going on with all the sickies! Hope your enjoying the sun this weekend. We just got back from was so beautiful! Lots of love!