Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Off to the doctors again!

What in the world? Last night was HORRIBLE with Anna. She cried and cried all night long and I honestly couldn't do anything to make her happy. She woke up this morning and still was so unhappy (and actually she didn't really sleep at all). 4 am I had enough I gave her to Mike and I went to the store to get some pain meds for my head... it was killing me, and I was so tired. After I got back I laid in the bed with Anna and Mike and just patiently waited for her to fall asleep, which she did. I rested for about 45 minuets before Dylan was supposed to come, then Tara called. Dylan would be coming late and I was happy so I could get some more sleep. I went back upstairs and went to sleep. I thought after Annalise got some sleep she would be better, I was wrong. She continued to be unhappy and cry. So I called the doctor and they got us an appointment for 3 today. They want to check her ears (she had a double ear infection last week) and check her eye cause it looks like she may have pink eye again. Oh and Dylan is not coming today.

Honestly people I am SUPER frustrated with the fact that we are not getting better. I still have these darn bumps all over and my throat was starting to hurt again yesterday. I can't tell though if that is because of my allergies (I've been sneezing like crazy). But truthfully I am at my wits end with all of this.

On to other news. Mike has an interview on Friday and I ask for prayers that he gets the job. He needs something new, I think he's going crazy! :) Ok I'm out gotta tend to my kiddos and try to just relax. I obviously will let you know what I find out today at the doctors!