Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No questions?

So it is now July... can you believe that? It's gone by so fast!

I have to say I'm sad that my readers haven't participated yet... but comments are still open so feel free. I honestly just want to know that people are out there reading and enjoying!

Uh what else. I still have spots but in all we are getting better, THANK GOD! Mike has an interview with the Lynnwood jail on the 16th, he hasn't heard anything yet from Statefarm. What a waiting game this has been!

Well unless my spots go away before the 4th I'll be staying home with Anna.

Alright I'm out gotta do some dishes and feed Dylan a bottle!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

we are enjoying the good read :)!

Anonymous said...

Okay:Question,what is your all time favorite movie?

Anonymous said...

I look forward everyday to see if you have added anything and posted
any new pictures.

lauraslifetoday said...

I just got caught up! I read your blog =)!!! Question: What is the funniest thing Jared has done?