Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sleepy, sleepy...

ME!!! I think everything has finally caught up to me. I slept in this morning and got yelled at by Mike (in his underwear) because Mandy (my sister in-law) was pounding on the door. I watch my nephew 4 days a week and well I guess I slept through my alarm. AHHHHH!!! That is so not like me either, I am up and ready for the day a 1/2 hour before she usually gets here, ooops! Ryker told me, "I was knock knocking, where were you?"

So the sleeping thing with Anna wasn't as bad as the night before, but she is still getting up about every 2 hours... and she is such a restless sleeper. I can't figure this girl out. Oh and I jinxed myself to. The whole doing 1 nap thing did NOT work yesterday, I had to do 2 because she was just so tired. So we will keep plugging away, but for goodness sake... I REALLY NEED SOME SLEEP!

Ok I will post again when the kids are napping, until then enjoy this beautiful almost fall day!