Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My 1st grader!

Here he is, the BIG 1st grader... with the big 1st grader attitude. Although this has been a very taxing 2 weeks, I am very very proud of my little man. Big things and big changes for him. He now goes full days instead of 1/2 days, and well he's a first grader. Plus we moved and that has to change things for him right? He seems to like it, although he says he hates it.
He's a great kid with a big heart and I love him so very much! Boy how things have changed for us all lately. I'll do separate posts for each change so it's easier to follow... The kiddo's (Anna and Ryker) are both taking their naps so I took this moment to get caught up on all the blogging I HAVE to do. For now enjoy the pics of my handsome 1st grader and I must go tend to the folding of the dreaded laundry!


Danielle said...

Hey! Alexia was asking me about Jared the other day. Tell him the kids are thinking of him. Crazy huh!? We have first graders. Hope the adjustment and you all are doing wonderful!
Lots of love, Danielle