Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The move

So I'm gonna start with the move and I'll try and keep them separate so you can follow along better.

The move... I was not sure how it was all gonna work, but like everything it always does. Mike and a few others loaded the truck while I dealt with the kids (Anna is a PAIN!). Tried to clean as much as I could with the help of my mom. I'm thinking it took about 2 hours to pack up what we could and then we were OFFFFF... The long drive to Lacey. I had to make a detour to my dads to pick up my sunglasses and a gift from them.

The gift, all I'll say is- IT WAS TRULY AN AMAZING GIFT! Then I tried to catch up to the caravan ahead of me but we got stuck in traffic.

Ok so I've decided that this blog is pretty much boring... so here it is. We made it and unloaded the truck. The next morning Mike and I made a group decision that I should come up and try to get some more stuff done there. After a busy day at the house I decided to spend the night at my dads. Then Tuesday morning the kids and I headed back to our "new" home in Lacey. Next blog will be coming shortly. I have no new pics as I didn't take any of the move or well anything. I will also be blogging about Jared's first day of school. However I need to finish my lunch while the kiddo's are napping. Sorry for the dumb blog, I'm not back into the swing of things yet.