Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm sad, but thankful!

I'm not sad for my normal reasons of self inflicting pain. I'm sad because I got sad news from someone dear to me and my family. Although it's not my story to tell I'll be brief in what I say. All I know is that it makes me hug my children a lot closer knowing it could be gone in a minuet!

Someone who has grown a spot into our family (our nanny) is going through some extreme pain along with her family. Her nephew is in the hospital and it's not looking good. He is on life support and from what she says- he needs a miracle! One small thing can turn into one horrible thing and I CANNOT even imagine the pain that little boys parents feel or that huge HORRIBLE decision they have to make. It makes my heart hurt in extreme ways to even fathom making that decision for my children. I wonder sometimes what God is thinking when things like this happen to ones so little with no voice, and no choice! I guess I can only have faith that he knows what he's doing, but that one is hard to swallow. It makes the things I struggle with on a daily basis seem so insignificant compared to what a lot of parents have to go through and it makes me feel so selfish.

So today I'm saying a prayer for this tiny little baby that only God can help now... I will love my children with even more passion and thank my lucky stars for the life I've been given and the children who were given to me!