Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hello my blogger friends and buddies!!! I hope that everyone had a wonderful fourth of July!

We did. We went to Steamboat Island to a private beach party (oohh high class)... but if you'd seen the people there you would think otherwise. Anyway it was great. We spent the day eating, drinking and playing games. Come night fall we watched some fireworks and headed home. It was CRAZY cold for a fourth of July... colder than I remember! Anyway it was a great time and the kids had an even better time!

Nothing new to report or post. Things are moving forward as life would have it. I'm taking one day at a time and going from there. I have to say that today is going to be a HOT one and today I'm glad that I work, even if it's for 4 hours... it'll be four hours in a nice cool room. I feel bad for Mike and the kids. They'll have to suffer while momma takes a breath of cold air! :)

Anyway I'm gonna start working on my posts about the books I've been reading. Can't wait to start that! Have a absolutely fantastic day!