Friday, August 1, 2008

The long awaited post!

So I think all appropriate people have been informed of the situation and with out any further waiting...

Well wait 1st, I AM NOT PREGNANT. Why would you all think that? I thought I made it clear that Mike does not want anymore, minus the whole fact I want another.


So it's been a long process of elimination for Mike and I. It's been YEARS of talking about it and finally one day Mike decided it was time for us to move down to be closer to his family. Honestly it's not that far from here (a lot of people make it seem like we are moving across the whole world), however it's not. It's been a hard decision for us and a lot of factors (which I will not go into) played into our decision. It was never an easy decision, but a decision we had to make for our family, the four of us.

We've been down to Olympia now coming up on 3 times in 1 week spending time with family and looking for a place to live. Who knew it was going to be so hard? I honestly want to pull my hair out, but God willing we will be ok... We will be ok won't we? I am heading down that way tomorrow morning AGAIN, with the kids in tow to look at yet another place. I am also going down to pick up my nephew Ryker cause he is spending a week with me while his parents are away in Reno... how fun for everyone!

Alright I must go get Anna and Jared ready for bed. I am sorry for the news as it's not the best, but we will always have my blog. In all seriousness I love you all and it was not an easy decision!


lauraslifetoday said... could have at least considered Spokane, but whatever! =)!! No really, I'm glad to hear that a decision has been made and now you know the direction you are going..I hate moving..goodbye's suck!