Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good times, good friends!

So Sunday we hung out with some our friends as sorta a "going away" party... anyway it was just great to hang out with our friends. Annalise got to play with Zac and Karrie's daughter Zaida and she LOVED her. She kept kissing her as you can see if one of the pics. Fun times, good friends!
I am feeling a little better about where we are at with packing and the such. I think last week I was OVERLY stressed because our landlord was coming over to look at things, and well it threw me over the edge. I'm not saying I'm still not stressed out, I mean we are moving in 5 days- AHHHHH! But all's good in the hood.
Alright I gotta go put Dylan to bed and feed Anna, so I'll try and post later!