Friday, April 11, 2008

Today, a breath of fresh air!

So here it is Friday, and I was so thankful when I woke up this morning! It was sunny, it was pretty! I had nothing to do besides take Jared to school and pick him up... well besides taking care of Annalise. Mike took his bike to work for the first time today. He went in early so he wanted to take his bike. We finally got it insured and he got some other things he needed... When he got home the kids (I mean Jared, we made Annalise) wanted to sit on the bike... so of course PHOTO OPT! How freaking cute. Annalise liked it and I think it was cause it was yellow!

Oh can I also say that I'm addicted to selling things on EBay. Mike always has from time to time... but just recently we did and got a bunch of money. So I went through Annalise's closet and saw all these things she could not wear and still had tags on... lets just say I'm having fun and we'll see if I make any money!

Ok lets see if there is anything else... nope nothing new to report. Nothing really going on this weekend, I'm going to try and relax...