Saturday, April 12, 2008

Going green and organic!

Ok so for the past month or more I've been wanting and thinking of going green and organic. I want to live better and keep this earth healthy, as well as my family. I've been doing research and talking with people whom I know are doing and have done it.

At first going organic held be back because of the expense... but after doing some research and again speaking with the people I know who have done it, I've learned a few things. I thought since I'm learning so much I'd share with those who maybe want to know or are just interested.

1st thing Annalise has only been on organic since I've started her on baby foods. I figure it'd be easier to start someone on organic who has never been on anything else. She eat Earth's best foods and I get them at Target. Honestly there isn't to much of a price difference. Plus if you go to their website you can get coupons to try and save some money... that I just learned today.

I want to start using products in my house that are not harmful. I don't know why now I'm thinking of this, maybe cause I have babies crawling around on the floor and I'd like for them not to have 3 boobs or something crazy when they are older! So I have learned a few natural ways of cleaning is using: Baking soda and lemon juice or vinegar. I am going to buy a recycled spray bottle and get some lemon juice and use that to clean my counters instead of the Clorox wipes I have been using.

A good fact I learned today to is the 5 musts in organic foods! Milk; Potatoes; Peanut Butter; Ketchup and Apples. I learned that potatoes (one of the foods eaten most) is probably one of the worst as far as chemicals etc goes... So that is one way to work on going organic and not spending a ton of money. My friend Christa was telling me... foods you peel or that are under the ground aren't as bad as lets say apples and the such!

Also I'm leaving the lights off in my house for as long as I can and trying to not use so much energy and water throughout the day. I am also going to try and grow my own foods. Mike says I'm becoming a hippie and I say "what's wrong with that? My children will get to live longer in the world by one small change!"

So there it is a few things I'm working on and trying to get worked into my family. I'm all for being healthy! I'll post more on the things I learn as I learn them. If anyone has any tips or idea's feel free to comment here, I have made it an option for anyone to leave comments (you do not have to have a Google account to leave comments!) Enjoy this lovely sunny day and I'll chat later!


The Mrs. Robertson said...

Three boobs!! hahahaa! U crack me up!!