Friday, April 4, 2008

In the life of me!

Honestly today is not the best day for me. I am just overwhelmed with things and feel as if the support is gone. Am I allowed to have a bad day? Sometimes it doesn't feel that way!

Here is what I do on a daily basis... I get up anywhere from 6 to 6:30am I go get Mike out of Jared's room so he can lay with Annalise. I jump in the shower just to wake me up, I could honestly careless about washing my hair everyday so I will just stand in the semi hot shower (for some reason the hot water doesn't like to work very well in the morning!) and then I'll get out and get dressed. Sometimes Annalise will be asleep and sometimes not. If she is I'll go down stairs straighten up if I can and make a pot of coffee. I will check my email's and rest before the storm heads over!

If Annalise is awake I'll change her diaper get her dressed and chill with her. Then Dylan arrives, I talk with her mommy for a few minuets and then she's gone and my day starts (There is actually no beginning or ending!). This is usually around 7:00am... around 7:15am I will make Dylan her bottle, feed her. Then she will play with her toys. I patiently wait until around 8am and then Dylan goes down for her nap. She will sleep anywhere from 1 hour to an hour in a half. Usually Annalise is still awake so I'll feed her and then try to get her down for a nap. When she falls asleep I take her and put her in my bed next to her daddy and head back downstairs.

I try to eat breakfast if I haven't already eaten when Dylan/Anna were awake... and pick up the toys for the next round of play time. Ok then Dylan is up and I get her and bring her down put her in the highchair and get her breakfast ready... I patiently try and feed Dylan who can at times be very difficult to get to eat! After she eats then I change her diaper and then she plays! Some where probably in between that Annalise will get up and she'll be chilling in her swing.

A 1/2 hour later or so Dylan will then have her bottle and again play play play! Around 11ish she will go down for her afternoon nap. Annalise doesn't nap much lately so if she does it'll only be for about a 1/2 hour. While Dylan is sleeping I'll hang with Annalise, maybe watch tv, maybe blog... whatever I do it has to be quiet since Dylan is a light sleeper. Once Dylan gets up from her nap I feed her her lunch and then again I change her diaper.

Jared has been on spring break this week so things have been a little bit different and come next week things are going to suck. Every little moment in between Dylan is Annalise between nursing, changing and keeping her occupied to.

I will feed Dylan one more bottle around 2pm and then anywhere between 4 and 4:30pm she will go home!

Now some days Dylan has good days and some days they are HORRIBLE! She likes to be very vocal and she likes to cry. Annalise is a very calm relaxed baby, yes she has her moments but I am blessed with her because she is a peaceful child. Oh and did I mention that I also have to keep my 5 year old happy and occupied in between a 7 and 6 month old baby?

I love my children, I love Dylan... but I have bad days and then I have the most awesome days ever... but my days are full and hectic and crazy and sometimes overwhelming! I guess I need to look at it like, "I could be at the hellish place I used to work at!" RIGHT!