Monday, August 10, 2009

Camping update...

So we made it, we all survived. Camping was great and we all had a great time. The food lasted, I don't think we had to much or to little. Everyone (even 1 person whom I didn't think would do well, did well). There was only 1 issue that I will not get into... we'll just say it almost cut the trip short but everyone just dealt with it and did there own things to avoid anymore issues.

One thing ALL of us could not stand were the bee's... OH THE BEE'S! I even had dreams about the darn bee's. It was horrible, and I mean horrible. Who would have thought that bee's LOVED meat. Every single time the hot dogs came out or the bacon we were attacked by bee's. I'm pretty certain that my daughter was stung twice. Once on the ear and once on the lip. The poor girl was terrified of bee's and every time one came close to here she totally melted! At a couple of points during the trip we had to put some of their favorite foods on a plate and walk it a little further from the campsite so they would go eat away from us. It was INSANE and that was a big reason I may never go back to that campsite again.

Mike and I got to spend some time alone without the kids. We went on a walk and went down to the beach and just sat and talked for a while. It was nice to get that time together.

So in short everyone had a great time and Annalise and Jared are AWESOME campers! I'll post pics once I get some from Mandy.