Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My baby is one!

So I changed the date to read the 7th so it looks as if I really posted on her birthday. Why did I just put this then? Well if you read my blog on a regular basis then you've noticed I've been MIA... Well can't a girl be busy? It's been a crazy couple of days. I stayed off the computer pretty much the whole day of Ms. Annalise's birthday... I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could.

She had a horrible crabby day and has been having horrible crabby days for well a while now. I don't know what is going on with her... but all is good in the hood. We love her anyway!

Now on to my birthday girl! What a year it has been, a lot of ups and a lot of downs. She is the most amazing little thing that has come into our family. She has added so much drama and so many laughs. To watch her and Jared start to become good friends, totally blows my heart up! Every single time she hears her brother her whole face lights up and she can't contain her excitement so she screams. It's truly amazing that I've been blessed with 2 beautiful children. I could never imagine how much Annalise would change me, but she truly has. I don't know of a single moment where I look at her and I don't thank my lucky stars for her, or for Jared.

I always think I'm going to be so emotional on these events but I'm not emotional just really really reflective. You know when you watch tv and the characters sometimes go into their thoughts on events in their life... you actually get to see those memories. Well that's what I do. I've caught myself on several occasions the past couple of days reflecting on so many things. I'll be rocking Annalise to sleep and realize that I've replayed her whole birth. I love love love it! I wish everyone (not always) could see what I'm thinking and just feel the love and warmth that goes through me.

I could never imagine though what a change it would be to add another child into the mix. And I never thought how completely different this child could be. Annalise is going to be the one that gives me the gray hair, she stresses me out so much because she is her own person. No one or nothing will stop what she has planned. And oh my gosh is she emotional. Is this payback for all my CRAZY emotions? But with all her attitude, crying and pure joy I would NOT change it for one single moment... I love you Ms. Annalise and Happy 1st Birthday! (pictures added next post)