Thursday, October 2, 2008

28th Birthday part 2

So the 2nd part of my birthday was spent up north. The first part of the weekend was spent with my mother and Dennis. We got to my mom's house around 11 am and we relaxed a bit after the drive. Jared got to play Donkey Kong... Anna got to spread her legs and walk around. I think about 1 we finally left the house. We stopped for a quick bite of lunch and off we went to the mall. I really wanted to go shopping and my mom said I could do whatever I wanted for my birthday. So we went to Old Navy... and shopping we did. They were having this AWESOME sale and my mom and I went crazy. The crazy thing about it though was even after the good sale they were also having an additional percentage off, so we (I mean my mom) didn't have to spend that much.

The only annoying thing about shopping is when we bring the kids. We always say we aren't going to do it again, and this time proved why. Jared was a pain (he HATES shopping unless we shop for him...) and Anna did NOT want to sit in the stroller. Do you guys know how heavy she is? Ok so after Old Navy we went to a few other places in the mall and got a few more things. Then to my surprise we went to another store and Dennis got me a new IPOD. My 1st IPOD either got stolen or lost when I had Annalise. I had taken it with me to the hospital and have never seen it since. So I was VERY VERY VERY excited. My mom says I'm spoiled, I think I'm just loved. So after all the shopping we went to dinner. We ate at Black Angus and the food was great! It made for a very long day for everyone and after playing a few games on the Wii, we all went to bed. We woke up Sunday had some breakfast and headed over to my dads!

PART 2 of the b-day weekend... We went to my dads and spent the day there. I love going to my dads because he makes food and lots of it. It was just a chill day, relaxing and letting Jared play with his uncle Matt. Raquel and my dad made an awesome dinner and we watched the last season of... oh my goodness I'm at a loss of what the show was. My dad and Raquel got me two gift cards and I can't wait to use them. Around 7 pm we left for home.

I had a very wonderful weekend up north and the next time I head up I will (I promise) come see you Danielle and anyone else who wants to see us. I miss everyone up north and I think about you all often! Thank you everyone who sent warm wishes and beautiful cards. I really love going to the mailbox to see who sends the cards!

NEXT UP is Anna's birthday!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had such a great birthday weekend! The pics are oh so cute! The only reason I can believe Anna will be turning 1 is because Isaiah is almost 2! Ahhhh! Our babies!
Hope you have a wonderful week!