Sunday, September 27, 2009


So as some know my birthday was on the 25th and I turned the big 29... that means that next year I turn 30. I've never really thought it was that big of a deal to turn 30. But yesterday when Mike and I were driving around at garage sales and shopping for stuff for our house it hit me so hard that I sorta had a mini anxiety attack!

It took my breath away!

30 is a big deal, and I don't know why. You go from the 20's when for so long I've felt like such a kid. But when you think of 30 you are actually an adult. I mean I've been an adult well for as long as I've had a child. I had Jared when I was 21 and I seriously had to grow up fast when I had him. But all these changes this year have put things into perspective for me. You can't blame stupid decisions on "oh I'm still in my 2o's"... and the list could go on. But now 30 means you are closer to 40 and closer to 50 and oh my gosh my life is flashing before my very eyes.



Banjo said...

I totally feel you~ did you get my email? Not sure because it didnt bounce back to me. Hope you had a great day besides the anxiety attack!

lauraslifetoday said...

30 is fun, I promise!! I had a hard time turning 29, but by the time 30 came, I was ready..Look forward to it girlie, you're already doing all those adult things. Embrace it!!