Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jared Jared Jared!

Mr. Moline is going to the doctors today and then the dentist tomorrow! He is one busy little boy this next couple of days!

Also a shout out to the hubby of the house. He has gotten up two days in a row with me! That's 6:30am... for those of you who know Mike know that is not normal in any means at all! Although today was for selfish reasons (he's gonna go look at a motorcycle), I still love him anyway. He has been helping me out so much. During the week it is sooo hard for me to go anywhere because I have two infants and no real way to get them around outside of the car. I am in REAL need of a double stroller... but haven't been able to get one yet. So Mike has been doing the needed things for Jared. It has helped me out so much and for that I am thankful!

Today we don't have much planned... just dealing with Dylan, Anna and going to the bank! I am thankful that Jared has the next two weeks off... it'll give me and the girls a much needed break from sitting in the line at school to pick him up everyday! Lets just say that the girls like to scream and cry most of the time and I honestly feel like I'm going crazy!

Enjoy the day people!