Thursday, February 10, 2011


I don't know why but I've been watching a lot of documentaries lately. Mike had me watch one the other night called- Capitalism- A love story. After watching said show I came to the conclusion that I am very naive when it comes to the Government and the things that go on in our world. There are several reasons for this. One I didn't think it really mattered, that whatever was happening wouldn't effect me. Second when I did learn these things or saw things like Hurricane Katrina etc... I go into a panic and I totally freak out and think the worse things possible. Sometimes I've thought that having kids was a mistake because they have the possibility of going through something as horrific as some of the other children in this world.

Don't judge me for taking this way of thinking. I really don't know any other way. It's hard not to turn the other way when I honestly feel like there isn't a lot me myself and I can do to change any of this. I'm only one person and if I got a few people on board there would be maybe 10 people. 10 people can't make the sort of changes that need to happen in America. But I've NEVER voted and for that I'm ashamed. But again my one vote really would it change anything? Some of you think yes, some of you think no and me well I don't know. I've been watching things and learning things and I've been wishing that things weren't so messed up in this world. It is insane the things that happen behind closed doors in the government. I honestly recommend ANYONE that reads my blog (is there anyone out there that actually reads my blogs? Hey Jo thanks for reading!) to watch Capitalism- A love story.

I've also watched a few documentaries on the war we have going on in Iraq... I just wanted to take this second to thank every single one of you who have fought, who are fighting and who have died fighting for our country... for me, for my children. Whether the war is right, whether it is wrong you are there you are fighting and for you I am FOREVER thankful!!!

So I've begun thinking... What can I do for America, for our people... what can you do?


Banjo @ Unfabulousness said...

So I need to watch "capitolism - a love story" huh? LOL
Ok I will watch and tell you what I think! Ok, one thing. You should vote, and not because some holier than thou said you should. It should be to merely exercise your right to have a say as to what goes on in this country. Dont take this as a brow beating because it isnt. Take it as YOU taking charge for what goes on in the world around you and knowing that ONE person does make a difference. ONE persons vote DOES count. :)