Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh the joys,

of being sick!

I think the stress of all the stuff that was going on finally caught up to me. I've been sick since I think Tuesday morning. But Tuesday morning I found out that I got the job. YES!!! I will be working at American Family Insurance, as a Marketing/Sales rep. I'm sorta excited about this, we'll just have to see how everyone adjusts.

So anyway there is a little update. Sorry not a big one but whatever I got really took me out. I was feeling a little better today and since we've had no food since I've been sick I thought I'd go to Walmart to tackle that. Half way through the trip I realized that was a bad idea because I was feeling crappy. It goes in waves, but if I do to much then I can tell. And since I just cleaned the whole downstairs because no one else in my family decided it was important enough. I feel like crap. So back to the couch to rest!

As far as the job goes I start on the 2nd. One more week!